tracce2“TRACCE” (Tracks) is a performance with eurythmy, music, text and light.

“TRACCE” comes from the Italian verb tracciare, which means to trace. La traccia means the track (plural tracce).

Life is like a journey through a landscape full of tracks.

Tracks of other people and of occurrences/events.

Sometimes one gets off the track, searches for one, gets on the wrong track or finds and follows a new track.

We all want to come “home”. Today many people loose their houses and homes and never find it back.

There is a lot of chaos and despondency. There are people finding a home within themselves.

There is a need for new orientation, visions and perspectives.

This story is individual and universal.

tracce2The leading theme in this performance is the fairytale of Hans and Gretel of the brothers Grimm.

It is all about time-tracks, space-tracks, animal-tracks, pain-tracks, God-tracks, word-tracks.

Each choreography is a trail of intentions and feelings in time and space.

Music by Simone Fontanelli (1961) en Kaya Saariaho (1952) en Michael Kiedaisch.

Texts: Fragments from work of Etty Hillesum (1914-1943), Sarah Kane (1971-1999), Christa Wolff (1929).


Concept: Gia van den Akker (NL)

Dance/eurytmy: Gia van den Akker

Vibraphon: Michael Kiedaisch (D)

Cello: Mario de Secondi (It)

Voice: Gia van den Akker

Light: Peter Jackson (UK)

Coach: Hans Fors (S)

Costume: Helene Schaap (NL)

The programm will be one hour without interval.

Watch a try-out in ‘la fabbrica’: