Verdwijnen en verschijnen

a poetic and musical scenario


Plato: uit ‘Phaidoon’
Weishaupt: ‘Verdwijnen en verschijnen’


Bach: suite voor cello-solo in G Gr.t
Berio: Les mots sont alleés
Direction: Olaf Bockemühl

euritmie‘One wishes to continuously applaud; considering the differentiated, natural and lively intricacy of the voice, gestures, interaction of bodies, the ulterior motives and higher meaning clearly shine through.’
‘…Gia van den Akker, who listens and reacts with restrained gestures and mimics. She isn’t actually involved; she virtually abstains to the extent to which she represents the audience. This increases the expectancy of attention. One sees oneself on stage with her….
…finally she moves on from the “poetic” to the “musical” part… The word ‘dance’ is almost unjust, crude … not a scenic rendition of simultaneous proceedings but the creation of a flowing image. … rather spiritual and physical gestures as actions and compositions of living procedures and correlations.
… Luciano Berios cello solo (1979) unfolds a dynamic and dramatic quality, which in its eurythmic adaptation develops from timid beginnings and attempts to gain momentum to tenderly gliding movements and finally to wild rotations and long and rapid leaps….’

Helmuth Kohlhepp