3 Weddings and a Trombone

An alchemistic marriage between various arts

giabruiloft2This production will focus on alchemy: the mystery of connecting and disintegrating, fusion and freezing, losing and finding oneself.

The central theme is the journey of the protagonist of the Chymical Wedding by Christian Rosenkreuz. The journey takes 7 days and is full of encounters, ordeals and surprises. Is marriage a historic societal convention or rather a metaphor for the development of the human soul?
“The Chymical Wedding” by Christian Rosenkreuz (1459) and “La Nozze di Figaro” by W. A. Mozart serve as inspirational sources for an exciting performance of eurythmy, modern dance, music and film.

giabruiloftConcept: Gia van den Akker, Mikko Jairi
Choreography: Mikko Jairi
Eurythmy: Gia van den Akker, Mikko Jairi
Dance: Andreas Leertouwer, Beatrice Kessi
Music: Michael Kiedaisch, Eberhard Hahn
Film: Hiba Vink
Costume: Helene Schaap
Stage Design: Fabio Cavanna
Lighting: Peter Jackson
Technology: Christian von Pilsach
Photography: Giovanni Succi