grasduinen2“Grasduinen” (Grass Dunes) tells of the wind playing in the grass, of light playing in the water, the tranquillity of the earth and the rhythmical play on the beach; of nature within us: streaming devotion, fiery rage, enlightening clarity and paralysing despair. What is seen from the outside – a reflection on the surface of the water –finds its way to the inner self, just like a deeply felt movement leaving an invisible trail one continuously seeks to follow. As children we were mesmerized and lost for words by the wondrous world of nature. As adults we experience loneliness. Abandoned, we suffer fear and the loss of being playful. With this programme it may be possible to once more rediscover the innocent state in which a childlike experience of nature occurs. The performance interlinks external images of nature – by means of video material – with music and movement.

Musical works: C. Debussy, L. Berio, J. Cage, G. Ligeti and J.S. Bach
Eurythmy: Gia van den Akker
Piano: Lodewijk Crommelin
Cello: Annie Taugberg
Film/Photography: Erik Clignett / Hiba Vink /
Immanuel Klein
Lighting: Peter Jackson

ligeti2“In her solo performance the dancer truly embodies a new approach to a tradition of dance which is more than 90 years old, eurythmy. Although her slender figure and thematic proximity to nature complies with the aesthetic model of art nouveau, she refrains from losing herself in floral ornamentation, but rather searches for counterpoints in the here and now. One of the best examples being the reflexive convulsions to Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata, where the left and right arm, starting from the fingers, rhythmically independent and with asymmetrically gestures, escalate into an energetic eruption grasping the entire body… The scope of composition is sensitively balanced: “When to let go of tone eurythmy? How far do I go into slow motion movements before once more fully plunging into the music? These are dramaturgic questions which turn her choreographic miniatures into a gripping experience.”

Leonore Welzin