Teaching practice

Offer of courses and workshops:

  • Basic elements of eurythmy, exercises given by R. Steiner as well as those transmitted by E. Zuccoli, R.Dubach en E. Klink. Creative handling with exercises and staging-indications.
  • Contemporary music and poetry in movement:
    Research, study, improvisation and choreography.
  • Eurythmy with amateurs:
    Work for objective-groups: thematic preparation, presentation, creative methodic and communication.
  • Eurythmy around death and mourning:
    Eurythmical exercises related to the 4 phases of mourning fort he relatives.
    Eurythmy for the death people. Eurythmy at the funeral.
  • Eurythmy and enterprise:
    Learning to put your artistic impulses into a enterpriseplan, learning to formulate, present and communicate your projectplan. Fundraising an public relations.
  • Improvisation: developing creative presence of spirit in artistic- as well as pedagogical work. Human being is only free when he is playing. (F.Schiller)

The duration of the courses can be choosen individually, also the themes can be combined. Bookings: contact-information, see Info