La fabbrica

2006-11_fab_1“La Fabbrica” is a workshop and studio for eurythmy, a working and meeting place for artists and those interested in art. “La Fabbrica” is situated in Cortiglione, Northern Italy, a small village in the hilly landscapes of the Piedmont. It comprises a large and bright room of 19×7 metres with a view of the surrounding green hills, a cloak room that can also be used as an office, a kitchen and an inner courtyard, which is suitable for working in the summer and can be used as an auditorium.

2010-08_fab_1“La Fabbrica” offers space for rehearsals, course activities, presentations and exhibitions. The location is also available for hire. The participants sleep in a B&B, la Ca‚ÄôRusa, with swimmingpool and lovely view. We offer you not only a experience of high quality eurythmy but also of Italy pure, The nature, the culture, the people, and the piemontesian kitchen.