Workshop Mourning in movement

afscheid_in_bewegingLife is full of movement, every single and simple process in life is movement: we breathe , we grow, we eat, we sleep, work, do sports and the biggest movement is our lifes is the rhythm of being born and die. How can eurythmical movement help in process of mourning? How can it support the process of letting go?

In this workshop we distinguish exercises for ourselves, to be in contact with body and mind
and exercises in the group, supporting each other.
We work with the four fases of mourning and we concentrate on movements that open up a space to communicate with the death people.

The workshop ends with a ritual and a eurythmy-memorial performance.
Title of the performance: “Behind the times“
with music of J.S. Bach, P. Vasks and K. Saariaho
texts of R.Steiner, H. Andreus, Basho
Duration: 3-4 hours all together, the performance circa 25 minutes.