Eurythmy at funerals and commemorative ceremonies

When parting from a loved one, it takes great strength to truly let him or her go. What can help and console those left behind in this process, is to be actively involved in the shaping of the parting ceremony. An individual and unique ceremony can act as a gift and mercy. Here art can play an essential role.

The art of dance, eurythmy especially, creates a space that could be termed as “meaningful silence”. The inner movement of holding on, letting go, devotion, retreat, or pain and love, known to everyone when bidding farewell, are expressed artistically by movements and gesticulations.

The music and words, on which the choreography is based, are selected in dialogue with those left behind. However, there is no need for music or words, the dancing can also be performed in silence. It requires no stage or podium and can take place at almost any location.